About Us

Established in 2007 Mavrick Web Design is a small Web Desgin Firm with the goal of providing suitable dynamic Web 2.0 sites.

Design is the ability to portray a certain quality, essence or emotion. These qualities affect everyone in their everyday life, and in most cases are the basis upon which we make or come to a decision. In a consumer driven world it pays to play the game, you can either follow the general trend of the competition, or you can make a statement and effectively raise the standard of your image through the power of the engine.

Design is paramount, we cannot take two steps without seeing, touching or experiencing design. However, what quality do the designers of today keep their standards to, and what level of professionalism should we expect? In the ever-growing design industry it seems that service and the quality of design are becoming extinct. That’s why the designers at Mavrick Web Design are hand picked from the cream of the crop. All Designers endeavour to provide fresh stimulating aesthetics with a strong emphasis on functionality.

The ability to produce visually pleasing imagery is insignificant without functionality, it’s a hard task but it simply must be a symbiosis. Both visually stunning and entirely functional at the same time, our designs are unique within their field and always meet their goals.

About Websites

A website is a promotional or sales tool that works for you 24 hours a day. Your website can be accessed using a web browser and registered domain name, this can be your business name e.g. mavrickdesign.com.au Your Domain Name directs the consumer to your virtual space on the net, this space is commonly known as hosting. Your Hosting is a designated space on a web server. This server controls and tracks the throughput of your website and email traffic.

The engine powering your online presence is capable of providing high-tech audio visual animations, and administration features such as content management and marketing systems. Sites are typically presented in one of three ways, stand-alone HTML, stand-alone Flash, or a combination of the two formats. Please see the specialised web products section of this document for more detail. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo! are online devices that help users find webpages on any given topic.

Search Engine Optimisation is the process for linking your site and its contents to the search engines, giving your online presence a greater advantage to market itself. Please see the specialised SEO document for more details; document available on request.
As a result, Mavrick Web Design gives you the power to promote your product, sell online, and manage your marketing and advertising capabilities with precision. For further information on our web based services please call to arrange an appointment with one of our friendly staff.